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About Radio Resistance

The purpose of Radio Resistance is to provide a means of sharing information that is not shared by mainstream media, or not shared truthfully.

There is a lot of music playing on Radio Resistance, but the goal is to offer more news content. Things like top of the hour news segments and interviews are in the works, as of December 2023.

Submit Tips and Events

If there's a rally, an upcoming event, or an organization Radio Resistance listeners might be interested in, let Radio Resistance know via email or PM Radio Resistance on Mastodon.

Radio Resistance is here to inform people about resistance movement efforts and activities happening in this resisting fascism space. When contacting Radio Resistance, you can tell us who you are, or you can remain as anonymous as you would like, or is possible. There is no reason to trust Radio Resistance, you don't know who is behind this, so be smart with the information that you share.

Other more secure means of communication than email will be coming if the need arises - a tor onion most likely.